Accommodation and Travel guide for PyCon Ireland 2017 contains information about:

  • Hotels
  • Guest houses
  • Rental accommodation
  • Travel links

This page is for attendees to help themselves and each other find suitable accommodation during the event.

Important: whatever information you provide, make sure there is some way for interested parties to reach you

Hotels and accommodation

Main Conference Hotel


The Radisson Blu, Golden Lane is where the conference will take place. They have a selection of rooms available for attendees.


To Dublin

Dublin is well serviced by most American airlines and Aer Lingus over the Atlantic from Canada and the USA

From Europe, Ryanair will be your best bet as well as Aer Lingus. Ryanair will get you to Dublin from the UK for as little as 10 euro each way.

From Airport

Dublin airport is closer to the city centre than most airports. A taxi is around 20-25 euro to city centre. The 747 bus or the AirCoach is a good alternative.

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